Nitke v. Gonzales (Nitke v Ashcroft)

Nitke v. Gonzales (formerly Nitke v Ashcroft) is a major case challenging Internet censorship law.


Barbara Nitke - case plaintiff

Nitke vs. Ashcroft - Export Report (of Seth Finkelstein )

Declaration of Seth Finkelstein

An Overview of Nitke v. Ashcroft , by case lawyer John Wirenius . See also January 2005 Case Update , July 2005 Decision Statement , March 2006 Decision Statement .


EFF "Nitke v. Ashcroft" Archive

NCSF lawsuit page (notably fact sheet , media coverage and expert testimony )

What's Obscene, Anyway?

Internet Obscenity Decision Imposes Impossible Burden

Standing Up To Be Counted: Barbara Nitke Challenges John Ashcroft on S/M And Internet Obscenity

Supreme Court Decision in the Communications Decency Act (CDA) (NCSF press release)

Communications Decency Act (CDA) Lawsuit (NCSF press release)

Challenge to the Communications Decency Act (NCSF press release)

Fetish Photographer's Suit Against Ashcroft Begins In Court
Fetish Photographer Awaits a Ruling

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